WE are a small Indie studio based in Scotland.

Being avid board gamers and always wishing for a game prop or player mascot that would never appear, drafting in figures from another game that “sort of fits into the gameplay”

The 3D printer revolution changed all that, enabling boardgamers to Mod there game or develope a game of their own and that’s where it got interesting for us.

From custom boardgame miniatures to garage kits and character busts, we deliver a high quality product to the customers specifications. In combination with our 3D printers we use high quality DLP tough resins.




We do custom busts from artwork or reference images.Busts range from 150mm to 300mm in height.


Custom miniatures tailored to customers specific request, Artwork or  reference images

Garage Kits

Garage kits can be scaled to preference. Custom Kits on inquiry.

Day of the tentacle kit

Custom sizes available on request.